We, along with our integration partnerships, are invaluable tools for business owners, lead generators, sales and marketing managers. By using accurate and highly contextual databases, we provide our customers real-time leverage with flat rate subscription pricing.

Cole Information is a market leader in local marketing solutions for small to medium sized businesses. Our data technology and integration partnerships are invaluable tools for business owners, marketers, lead publishers, lead generators and lead optimizers across the United States. For 65+ years we have worked in industries such as Insurance, Real Estate, Home Services, Government, Reference and Data Augmentation.Through the years, we have strategically evolved to help small businesses find new customers by offering quality lead and reference databases via easy to use technology, priced at the small businesses budget.

Our business focuses on developing prospecting innovation in-tune with changing marketplaces and small business needs. Cole information is positioned not only to continue offering innovative lead generation services to small businesses across the country, but has positioned itself for rapid growth through“Coleizing” new verticals with new technology, premium data sets and aligning with strategic industry partners.

Today, Cole Information is in Omaha, NE and continues our founder Jack Cole’s tradition of innovation and technology, helping more than 33,000 users find new customers.

Our Story

Our Story

The Beginning
Our data innovation is rooted in rich history dating back to 1947 when Jack Cole successfully used IBM™ punch cards to create criss-cross reference directories. This revolutionary product made it possible to locate and market to individuals by flipping telephone books into address centered property reference tools. The directories suddenly became invaluable to industries including: door-to-door salesmen, delivery services, debt collectors, law enforcement and home service providers.
Growing Through Three Generations
The first generation was the printed directory. The Cole Directory delivered hyper-local data helping small businesses find new customers for over 5 decades. Our second generation evolved over the last decade. We have invested heavily in offering online data centered products to small to medium sized businesses across the country. Each product focused to a specific industry solving one main need. Connecting insurance agents to expiring homeowner policies. Enabling real estate agents to connect with the neighbors of a property they just sold. Producing intel a home service professional needs to be first at the curb ready to quote. Our third generation moves beyond prospecting solutions for small businesses into the area of enhancing leads generated by other sources leveraging our technology and data assets. Now, whether a small business wants to be proactive in their marketing or prefers to sit back and wait for their enhanced web leads, we have the product that fits their need.
At its core, Cole has been innovating since the days of Jack Cole in the forties. Today, technology fuels much of the innovation but without relationships, success is not possible. Technology combined with relationships with end users, marketing affiliates and data compilers have made Cole Information what it is today. There are 120,000,000 households in the US today, which in aggregate means nothing to a local business. What the local marketer needs to know is who are the 176 homeowners in the neighborhood that are great prospects for their product and services. This is EXACTLY what we do for tens of thousands of business owners, managers, producers across the country every day and it’s made possible through a combination of innovative technology, detailed knowledge of end user practices, affiliate marketing channels, and amazing data providers. Cole Information is located in Omaha, NE and employs 19 team members that continue Jack Cole’s tradition of innovation and technology while helping more than 33,000 users find new customers.

Jobs at Cole Information

Our continued success and achievements are because of the great employees. Cole Information continually looks for ways to lead the industry and seeks highly motivated, individuals who are self-starters.

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