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Over the decades, Cole Information has strived to provide always on, easy to execute data solutions that help small to medium sized businesses. From home service providers, real estate agents, insurance agents and more, we work to get what you need by providing data solutions.

  • Prospective Data
  • More than ever it is vital for you to be top-of-mind with consumers living and working around your business. What strategies do you have in place to be first on their list? See how to grab the local market.
  • Data Integrations
  • Hundreds of industry disruptors all around the nation have connected their services with us because we are committed to reducing the prospecting hurdles for small to medium sized businesses. Get tailored solutions to fit your needs.
  • Data Augmentation
  • We know that our marketing solutions aren’t going to make you successful unless the data that powers them is up-to-date and accurate. That’s why we work closely with our data providers to evaluate and produce results. Find out how better data means better leads.

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Our partnership network is deeply rooted in our company’s DNA. Cole works to connect with the best influencers to help businesses execute, maximize spend, and save time to market.

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We are committed to supercharging small to medium sized business data strategies. Our products equip businesses by offering industry specific solutions.

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  • “Within the last six months, I can contribute ten transactions directly to using the emails I’ve gotten from Cole Realty Resource. I just download specific neighborhoods where there has been recent activity and send them market updates. I’ve found that homeowners love this information and my open rates are over 50%!”

    Loren Coburn — REALTOR®, Branch Broker, Kevo Properties

  • “As a direct marketer and in the consumer services industry, it is imperative that I am able to procure good lists for telemarketing.  Having worked through list brokers and other third party vendors, signing up with Cole Neighborhoods was a great strategic marketing decision we made last year with our company.  Not only are we receiving very qualified leads, we are also generating over 500% in total ROI!  My sales teams are constantly reaching out and asking for new lists as they are seeing great conversion rates compared the previous list process we had before.  With the easy user interface, great customer service, I highly recommend Cole Neighborhoods to any marketer and/or sales manager that is seeking quality lists.”

    Patricia “Patt” Mosley — Lush Lawn / Safari Tree

  • “Last year, I was able to get 15 listings using Cole’s neighborhood phone numbers (including cell phones) and by implementing Just Listed/Just Sold scripts. From those 20 transactions I have made $70,000! It’s super easy. I just log into Cole, put in a starting point address and within seconds, I get a list of phone numbers to call. Cole has been instrumental to my business because it allows me to have unlimited conversations with people about buying and selling real estate.”

    Landon Anglin — RE/Max Properties

  • “Cole X-Dates allows us to uncover key consumer data elements from one source rather than using several different sources to get this information. Also, we’re able to easily import the intel into our contact management system. Therefore, it helps streamline our quoting, making for more intentional conversations that convert into customers more quickly.”

    John Wales — Farmers Insurance

  • “I’ve been using Cole Neighborhoods for years to call homeowners around recent jobs that we’ve performed. I make roughly 50 calls per day and schedule 2 to 3 estimates from those 50 calls. Using Cole, we are closing on average 5 jobs a week!!!”

    Abby Perez — Benny’s Best Roofing

  • “The detailed lead intelligence that Fetch provides us is invaluable information for us and in turn, our thousands of clients. Because data is accurate and recent, we have been able to boost confidence in all the leads our clients receive, which has drastically improved our client satisfaction. Thanks Fetch!”

    Christine Crane — Founder & CEO, BOLD Leads

  • “Our integration with Cole Information has been a tremendous hit with our customer base. The API has been extremely reliable and lightning fast, and their support is top-notch. The quality of data is very impressive, and has improved substantially, always exceeding our expectations. Easily one of the best integration decisions we’ve made!”

    Barry Harkness — CEO, Co-founder Interactive Hail Maps, LLC