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The Personal Marketing Company

By Sarah Elfering

Helping Real Estate Agents generate leads and stay top-of-mind.

The real estate landscape has gone through some drastic changes with COVID-19. Creating a marketing plan that works can be stressful and many agents may think that right now, they don’t need to invest in their marketing strategy. The truth is that there is so much going on in the real estate landscape that you cannot afford to pass up this opportunity to generate leads and stay top-of-mind.

It can be a struggle to find the right balance in creating a marketing plan and selling houses. Since 1978 Kansas based company, The Personal Marketing Company (TPMCO) has been helping real estate agents create a plan that is easy, seamless and specific to agents’ needs.

For over 40 years TPMCO has been right alongside agents and helping them increase their sphere of influence. TPMCO helps agents farm a specific neighborhood, announce Just Listed or Just Sold properties, generate referrals and stay in touch with past clients. Set and forget, is how Kyle Baack, Chief Innovation Officer, and President describes TPMCO.

What started off as just sending out direct mail pieces, has now evolved into becoming a more automated process and helping agents from start to finish.

“Agents tend to be swamped and have millions of things going on and our services help automate those processes that take up time and in turn save the agent time,” says Baack.

Create a Specialized Marketing Plan

Not sure where to begin with your marketing plan? Don’t worry TPMCO offers variety of products. They can help agents create a plan that fits the type of campaign they are looking to run, from announcing listing activity, custom newsletters (digital or print), and even create a targeted marketing campaign.

During COVID-19, Baack and his team have seen requests for sending out personalized postcards. Right now their top product is sending out postcards with recipes and agent’s contact information. This unique piece stands out as a person is going through their mail.

Since more people are at home, they are spending more time in the kitchen. By sending out mail pieces like this, it helps keeps an agent’s name top-of-mind because it a unique piece. When a prospect is thinking about feature plans for their home, they are more likely to think of your name.

“More and more people are at home, so it’s very frequent that we are going through past recipes because they are so popular,” says Baack.

Create a Seamless Process

TPMCO also looks for ways to set themselves apart from other companies that offer similar products and services. One way TPMCO does that is by overseeing the whole marketing process for an agent. Baack’s team is right alongside the agent, by focusing on what the agent needs, to product and design and even distribution.

“If you have a sphere of influence that you would like to stay in touch with us, we can create a campaign that fits your needs and we will take care of the rest,” says Baack.

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