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Have you ever thought about your selling style? How do you find sellers?

Most agents may never stop to think about their selling style, but it could be the key to keeping your lead generation going strong, which is vital to keeping you top-of-mind.

Let’s start with defining your selling style.

At Cole Information, we have had the pleasure of working with over 35,000 agents across the country and have found two main selling styles.So let’s break down what each selling means.


Consultative or Aggressive?

Consultative sellers focus on creating value and trust with a prospect and exploring their needs before offering a solution.


  • Tips for Consultative Sellers
    – Start with researching the neighborhood. Think about what makes the area unique and what the demographic for the area is. By doing this you can create a hyper-local marketing approach that will allow you to focus on creating awareness and name recognition. 

    – Follow up. When talking with clients, create time to follow up and see if they are ready to take the next big step. Trying calling the neighborhood, many clients hire the first agent they talk to. 

    – Aggressive sellers believe the right clients are out there waiting and all they have to do is find them 

    No matter which selling style you are, there are clients out there that have a product to sell and they need your help!


  • Tips for Aggressive Sellers
    – Start with being strategic! Research a new area that has a lot going on and learn what makes that area desirable. Just like with consultative sellers, agents should create a hyper-local marketing plan that focuses on the hot leads. When listing a house, host an open house just for the neighborhood, sometimes the buyer is right there in the neighborhood.

    – But be careful. While talking to people, it’s important not to write them off too quickly. Even if you prefer a client that is ready to buy or sell right now, don’t leave money on the table.

    – Whether you are a consultative or aggressive seller, one thing still holds true and that is prospecting. Chances are your next client is nearby your most recent sale or listing and by picking up the phone and talking you’re making the connections for your next deal!


Take our quiz today and find out which selling style you are!


No matter what your selling style is, Cole Realty Resource can help you connect with homeowners in a way that works for you

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It only takes a few minutes to see how we can help you maximize your prospecting strategy!

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