Looking For Cold Calling Success? Try Out These Tips!

Cold calling. When real estate agents hear that phrase it’s hard not to think about rejection right? For many agents cold calling forces, a person to come out of their comfort zone and many struggle to be successful with cold calling. We have put together some easy to use tips that Cold Calling SuccessIt is essential to make a first impression and many time agents usually have about ten seconds to do this before a person decides if the call is really worth their time. Here are four tips to increase your chance for success when cold calling.
  • Tone. It is important to be energetic and friendly. No one wants to receive a call where it sounds like you have made the same call over and over again. Treat each call as if it is the first call of the day.
  • Be authentic. Clients don’t want someone who just reads the same script and sounds robotic. You can have a script but don’t memorize it, use the script as a guide to lead your conversation.
  • Time of day. Timing is very important and can be difficult to achieve. Depending on the clientele timing can vary. Test a couple of different times and days to see what works best.
  • Have a fresh list. Clients move or change their contact information. It is important to have the most updated list you can, so you can have success while making cold calls.
Don’t bit off more than you can chew. Cold calling can be intimidating and can be a lot to handle, take it one day at a time. Along the way make adjustments to the time of day you make your calls and script, depending on how your calls are going. Cold calling is not easy and there are going to be some people who are not interested, don’t take it personally. Keep trying and know the next cold call you make could lead to a new client or even a sale! Need help with your cold calling strategy? Check out our guide and scripts on cold calling.  Learn more about what Cole Realty Resource offers.