What is your PROSPECT IQ?

As a small business owner you want to be able to stand out among your competition, and prospecting can be tough. What you say to a potential customer can be the difference between getting the job and not. Do you have the most up-to-date and detailed information in order to have meaningful conversations when talking to a potential client? Is your Prospect IQ at peak performance?


Prospect IQ (PIQ) is the latest in Cole’s continuous product improvement effort. Prospect IQ isn’t just 250 new data elements, it is a mosaic of context overlaid on every household in America. PIQ consists of 5 “Packages” living within the premium data tab. Just like a tab, these 5 packages can be turned on or off individually. At a high level, here’s what is available:
  • Property: Subdivision, Square Footage, Year Built, Number of Beds & Baths
  • Financial: Income, Credit Score Indicator, Wealth Rating, Lender Name
  • Transportation: Make/Model/Year/VIN, Purchase Date
  • Family: Head of Household (M/F), Multiple Generation
  • Consumer Behavior: Interests, Hobbies, Online Shoppers
These are just a few of the data elements we have to offer! Call 800-800-3271 to find out how we can help increase your Prospect IQ!

Generate Your Own Leads with Cole Realty Resource

So you’re a real estate agent trying to figure out how to generate your own leads? It can be frustrating when you’re buying leads and you are a second too late because another agent already called the lead. Buying leads through traditional means is expensive and is hard on your ROI. Brokerages and agents are reinvesting in their local markets.  By using Cole Realty Resource agents can build a thriving real estate business through smart prospecting and enhancing engagement.

Real Estate Prospecting

The concept of proactively reaching out to prospects still holds true today. Did you know your next customer most likely lives down the street from your last listing? And if you’re not generating your own leads you may not be aware of what’s going on around your listing.

How Cole Can Help

Cole Realty Resource’s technology platform can provide brokers and agents with the data that is necessary to grow their sphere of influence and create new, high-quality leads. Boost your prospecting at a fraction of traditional costs with Cole Realty Resource! Ready to get started? Call 800-800-3271 or click here to learn more.