Increase your contact rates with Cole Realty Resource!

We offer unlimited access to cell phones, emails, landlines and other additional household intel such as purchase date & amount, square footage, length of residence and much more.

  • “Within the last six months, I can contribute ten transactions directly to using the emails I’ve gotten from Cole Realty Resource. I just download specific neighborhoods where there has been recent activity and send them market updates. I’ve found that homeowners love this information and my open rates are over 50%!”

    Loren Coburn — REALTORY, Branch Broker, Kevo Properties

  • “Last year, I was able to get 15 listings using Cole’s neighborhood phone numbers (including cell phones) and by implementing Just Listed/Just Sold scripts. From those 20 transactions I have made $70,000! It’s super easy. I just log into Cole, put in a starting point address and within seconds, I get a list of phone numbers to call. Cole has been instrumental to my business because it allows me to have unlimited conversations with people about buying and selling real estate.”

    Landon Anglin — RE/Max Properties

Cole Realty Resource is an always on, hyper-local prospecting solution offering unlimited use all for a flat yearly fee. No list fees, no run charges. Just quick access to fuel your daily prospecting.

With Cole Realty Resource, you can:

  • Set more listing appointments
  • Dial Open House invites and alerts
  • Announce your Just Listed/ Just Sold properties to neighbors
  • Let residents know you have buyers looking in their area
  • Farm neighborhoods to stay top-of-mind
  • Contact Expireds and recent withdrawals with multiple contacts and lifestyle attributes

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Q & A

FAQ Real Estate

How Does It Work?
  • After purchase, look for an email confirmation with your unique credentials
  • Login (hyper link to login/CRR page)
  • Simply enter a geo starting point and you can connect with homeowners whose home policy is expiring. You determine how many leads and how often you want to prospect them.
  • Download your prospect list into Excel, mailing labels, CSV or upload into one of our integrated CRMs or Dialer partners
  • Start Prospecting!
Is it easy to use?
Our customers and integration partners all tell us that Cole Realty Resource say YES! We have spoken with thousands of agents over the last few years to create one of the most efficient prospecting resources in the industry. With Cole Realty Resource,there’s no need to order thru a list broker, or try and navigate thru a long online list building process. We have segmented the database by the searches utilized by the top 10% of real estate professionals across the country. Instantly gathering information on property and household characteristics and most importantly, updated contacts. Ease of use is very important to us, that is why we have vetted out and integrated with the top real estate marketing solutions providers in the country. Seamlessly integrated into dialers and CRMs that you either are a current customer of or very familiar with.Simply lasso your leads thru Cole Realty Resource and instantly upload them into one of our integration partners to make the campaign actionable. It really is that simple. Callus today to learn more about our integration partners.
Where Do You Get Your Data?
The data that powers our prospecting solutions is sourced thru public records and responder channels. Our data providers work closely with us to source and verify that the databases are accurate, compliant and updated to yield higher ROIs for your business. LEARN MORE »
Why Cole Realty Resource?
We are endorsed by leading real estate industry influencers. Coaches and thought leaders all look to our products to fuel business strategies. They know you can count on the fact that we work closely with our data providers to make sure the data is updated every month providing accurate and current contact points and homeowner characteristics. It is also a cost-efficient way for you to generate leads for your agency. Cole Realty Resource is powered by Cole Information, a company with a history of helping small businesses grow. A proven track record that dates back more than 70 years with Cole’s Criss-Cross Reference Directory. The “blue book” is one of the original city directories and was an invaluable tool thru the decades for door-to-door sales, law enforcement and collection agencies. LEARN MORE »

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Office Solutions

We offer customized office seat licensing to owners of large agencies, career districts and marketing teams as well as lead production departments. Some of the top lead generators are supporting their regional and national pipelines thru seat license agreements of Cole Neighborhoods. We also offer very favorable pricing based on terms of use. If you are tasked with turning prospects into leads, let’s talk! We are likely to have the capacity to provide immediate efficiencies to your pipeline.

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Technology Solutions

We are always looking to integrate with market leaders in the Insurance industry. Are you a lead management system, CRM, dialer or an innovator looking for data to power your new solution? We want to talk with you. Our partnership philosophy is all about evolving the prospecting that occurs in our products to actionable campaigns in the local marketplaces. We are looking for industry committed solutions that are looking for new ways to innovate that are mutually beneficial to our mutual customers.

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