Innovate with us today!

Whether you’re looking to leverage large national consumer databases into your product offering, or your customers need contact information to power their prospecting efforts, partnering with Cole Information can help you save time and money! Our partnerships help you engage with your customer base and can lead to new opportunities, better user engagement, stronger market share and leaping ahead of the competition – all resulting in more money.

Cole Information offers innovative data technology that drives the prospecting process. By providing you accurate and highly contextual databases in real-time, we are truly a vertical disruptor in the lead generation and enhancement industry!

We are always looking to partner with the following:

Affiliates / Influencers

If you are looking for new ways to engage with your customer base, we have an opportunity for you. Maybe you have followers that look to you for guidance on best practices and recommendations in a specific industry. We love to work with industry experts who are trendsetters in sales and marketing, coaching, consulting, lead nurturing and enrichment. Our products can complement your tried-and-true messaging and curriculum that your followers trust. You are the industry expert, you have worked hard to build a following. Partner with us to generate new opportunities and reinforce your success formula.

Data Technology

Data is at the heart of everything business does. The world is packed with current and forgotten data sets. Everything is data. Since the inception of the personal computer data has been a consideration:
Do we have enough memory, can we process it quick enough? As technology has evolved it has been measured by the speed in which it calculates, stores and process data. During this evolution the need to logically structure this data into databases became critical. Our legacy is in using the technology of the day to sort, store and make available data that is relevant to a specific industry use case or need. Today we offer a portfolio of technology that houses and produces relevant data fueling business prospects across the country. We are confident that you can easily connect with our data applications or tailor a solution for your business need.


Data Empowerment

Useful technology powered by fresh data is now truly a must for success. We have partnered with all sizes of affiliates, in various industries, connecting them to amazing databases they are using for form prefill, lead scoring, lead enrichment, customer profiling, hyper-local prospecting at pricing that opens the door of opportunities. New product launches, new user experiences, innovation powered thru a partnership with us.

Sourcing, compiling and managing large databases isn’t easy. It takes time and a large amount of resources to curate an accurate, relevant, up-to-date data asset. Sometimes price or other hurdles make sourcing a national data asset next to impossible. We understand. Hyper-local data can increase your customers neighborhood prospecting IQ, can validate current lead streams or increase their personalization on the phone or in the mailbox.