Cole information wants to ensure you and your business are never held back by traditional database processing. Cole’s real-time search processing platform (FETCH) can transform each of your records and enhance your data streams into fresh, actionable insight. Our match rates and rich data accuracy will ensure you have what you need to instantly fuel your business strategy, all at an unbelievable price.

FETCH Helps Your Business

  • Enhance your current leads with further household detail and contact points, such as current emails and mobile phones. Great for tailoring your message and increasing your chance of contact.
  • Avoid site visitor fatigue by eliminating the need for big form captures, increasing your website lead capture. You’ll get to know more about your site visitors without asking too much.
  • Validate a lead prior to follow up. Wasted time costs your business time and money. Lead validation is a great way to reduce marketing costs for your business.
  • Enrich the lists stored in your CRM. Refresh your former customer lists, former donors or leads you captured six months ago. Refresh your data with current contact information.
  • Profile your store traffic or current customer list to build marketing efficiencies in your business growth strategy.


FETCH is the latest augmentation API platform that allows small businesses enrich data to lead capture in real-time. We help lead nurturers, web optimizers and lead publishers increase the value of their product offerings by providing 200+ fresh and accurate enrichment attributes for over 300 million US consumers.

FETCH Is Used By:

  • Lead Producers & Publishers
    • Call Centers & Lead Aggregators
    • Instantly lift your ‘per lead’ price by connecting your lead production streams to FETCH
    • Enrich your data with fresh & accurate contact, consumer, household and  property attributes
    • Maximize production numbers for call center by gaining additional touchpoints
    • Increase contact chance for your outbound teams
  • Website Lead Optimizers
    • Web lead, Website Agencies, Digital Marketing Consultants
    • Eliminate the need for big form captures, avoiding user fatigue
    • Valuable intel returned includes 200 enrichment attributes
    • Convert more web traffic into complete leads with limited upfront intel
    • Create additional revenue opportunities for you and your clients
  • Small Business Owners
    • Real Estate Agents, Home Service Professionals
    • Refresh your prospecting lists with new contact points – including mobile and email
    • Connect with old leads and marketing lists sitting in your CRM
    • Learn more about your leads with additional household detail and lifestyle interests

Powered By Data

FETCH is powered by our national databases that offer extensive residential insight. We work directly with our data providers to make sure each monthly update provides the most up-to-date and accurate data attributes possible.

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Developer Resources

Learn more and get the tools you need to quickly sync up with our FETCH APIs or FETCH FILE applications.

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