More than ever today consumers are inundated with ads, making it very important that your marketing is personalized, timely and relevant. You know your neighborhood, you know your market, you know your competition better than anybody. You have built a reputation and it is important for your business to not only maintain a good reputation. But you must stay top-of-mind with the radius around your business and in the markets, you serve.

You need to look at the foundation of your prospecting strategy. Are you hyper-local or are you casting too wide of a net? Are you connecting to consumers around your business of in your local area? Are you connecting at the right time, are you talking with the neighbors, are you staying top-of-mind?

Cole’s prospecting products will fuel your hyper-local marketing

  • Instantly see who lives up and down the street or in a specific address or neighborhood.
  • Unlimited prospect downloads for a flat rate, yearly subscription.
  • No list broker needed, removal of the “middle man” disrupts pricing model and empowers you, the business.
  • Curbside intel via mobile application, you can connect with prospects at time of need or location.
  • Real-time data access and downloading provides for instant action.
  • Industry premium datasets at a flat yearly price — Auto, Cell, Email.
  • Our product interface fundamentally changes the way you conduct neighborhood marketing, connect visual of house to homeowner information.
  • Affordable lead augmentation and enhancement solutions available.


Problem: An Insurance agent calls a potential client only to find out they already renewed for another year.

Solution: The agent logs into Cole X-Dates and searches to find homeowner policies that are expiring within the next few months.Cole quickly searches the local database that was updated in the last 30 days and immediately returns confirmed homeowner’s policies that are expiring, auto detail down to VIN, who is renting in their market or connect with multi-line opportunities. Smart, efficient hyper-local connections.

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Real Estate

Problem: A real estate agent gets an expired listing from their MLS, but that expired doesn’t have the contact information of the residents at that address.

Solution: The agent logs into Cole Realty Resource and inputs the expired listings address. Cole quickly searches the local database that was updated in the last 30 days and immediately returns the full household detail and contact points for the expired. The agent is calling the resident as the competition is driving around looking for the house. Instant hyper-local connections.

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Home Services

Problem: The painting crew is finishing up on the job site, the project will be done next week. The crew is focused on the job, but the manager is having to find and schedule their next job. For this manager prospecting is difficult and not very efficient.

Solution: The best prospects are around the current and previous jobsites. Connecting with the neighbors is a great way for the manager to keep his paint crew busy over the season. The manager can quickly log into Cole Neighborhoods and visually see and build a prospecting network around completed paint jobs. Schedule the neighborhood.

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