Dial Your Way to Telemarketing Success

Who Should I Target?

Having a shiny new Cole X-Dates subscription can kind of feel like parking a brand new sports car in the driveway. Sure, it’s exciting to know that you can go places (and quickly), but it can be a little intimidating if you haven’t quite figured out where you’re going to take it. To start off, let’s get some general direction. In the same way that sports cars are made for long, flat stretches of open road, Cole X-Dates is best when you get hyper-local. Sure, you can do bigger searches (like zip code), but you’re going to get so many results, it’s a little bit like purposefully driving your Ferrari into rush hour traffic. Instead, since Cole X-Dates is designed to give you real, personal information, it’s better to start specific, rather than general. To help you out, here are some suggestions for developing great targets for your marketing: Your favorite client’s neighbors. We can pretend we don’t have favorite clients, but we all know that’s not true. You know the one I’m talking about: loyal customer, doesn’t nickel and dime you about their coverage, understands the value of the product, and set up auto-pay right there in the office. Start with their address and pull up their street or neighborhood. Maybe there are more great fish in that particular pond. The client you want. Because you know your city, you know that neighborhood where the houses are more expensive, they drive nice cars, and they have discretionary income to spend on recreational vehicles. Most people drive by and think about how nice the houses are. You drive by and see “multi-policy family.” It’s time for you to go after that neighborhood. Pull it up in Cole X-Dates and either create a radius search, or just draw in the neighborhood and pull up your list. Introduce yourself to your new best clients. Your backyard. Do you ever wonder how many people drive past your office to get to their insurance agent’s office? Since trust is so important in insurance, your proximity can be a huge advantage. Maybe your neighbors kept their old agent when they moved across town, or maybe they’ve become less satisfied with their old insurance. Either way, they don’t need to look any farther than their friendly neighborhood agent. Search the radius around your office (or your own home!) and remind your neighbors that you’re not just a click away, you’re just a few steps away too! It’s time to take your fancy new sports car out for a test drive! Use the three open roads above to find the scenic destinations you’ve been looking for. Go farther, faster with your Cole X-Dates subscription.

Engaging a Neighborhood Without Cold Calling

Sounds too good to be true, right? Johnny Mo (John Moscillo) from Keller Williams had buyers looking in a specific neighborhood, but they weren’t ready to sell their house until they secured a house in their desired neighborhood. Johnny took matters into his own hands. With the help of Cole Realty Resource, he downloaded 500 homeowners in that area and got to work. Watch what methods Johnny used in order to close a double-sided transaction! 

Creating Excitement Around Open Houses

Will an Open House sell your listing? Probably not, but it can give you a reason to have meaningful conversations with neighbors who might want to sell in the near future. In this webinar, Tyler Steenken (Cole Realty Resource) sits down with Kyle Whissel (Whissel Realty Group) to discuss how he uses circle prospecting to create excitement around listings and drive hundreds of neighbors to an Open House. Want more information? Call 800-291-5965!

What is your PROSPECT IQ?

As a small business owner you want to be able to stand out among your competition, and prospecting can be tough. What you say to a potential customer can be the difference between getting the job and not. Do you have the most up-to-date and detailed information in order to have meaningful conversations when talking to a potential client? Is your Prospect IQ at peak performance?


Prospect IQ (PIQ) is the latest in Cole’s continuous product improvement effort. Prospect IQ isn’t just 250 new data elements, it is a mosaic of context overlaid on every household in America. PIQ consists of 5 “Packages” living within the premium data tab. Just like a tab, these 5 packages can be turned on or off individually. At a high level, here’s what is available:
  • Property: Subdivision, Square Footage, Year Built, Number of Beds & Baths
  • Financial: Income, Credit Score Indicator, Wealth Rating, Lender Name
  • Transportation: Make/Model/Year/VIN, Purchase Date
  • Family: Head of Household (M/F), Multiple Generation
  • Consumer Behavior: Interests, Hobbies, Online Shoppers
These are just a few of the data elements we have to offer! Call 800-800-3271 to find out how we can help increase your Prospect IQ!

Power Up Your Prospecting Strategy

Cole Information’s local focus and depth of data put real estate professionals where they want to be   If there’s anything better than selling a home, it’s picking up a listing five doors away before the ink has dried on the contract—and agents have a better shot at doing just that, thanks to the marriage of grassroots data and hyper-local marketing technology. Enter Cole Information, a proven leader in marketing solutions, whose innovative Realty Resource service gives busy agents instant access to the names and contact information of the homeowners they most want to reach. “We’re here to help agents amp up the power of their Just Listed and Just Sold campaigns,” says Cole Information CEO Jim Eggleston, the force behind Realty Resource. “Waiting for referrals is just too slow. The rainmakers in this business don’t wait for clients to come to them. Our product helps get your name out quickly, positioning you as the local real estate expert. It can literally help you sell the neighborhood.” Armed with a valued mix of current contact data and local market experience, Eggleston notes that agents can provide neighbors of a Just Sold residence with a thoughtful, detailed analysis of current market activity, buyer interest, and smart pricing strategies, establishing themselves as the agent to keep in mind. Prospecting strategies don’t stop there. Cole’s Google® map applications, developed specifically for real estate professionals, enable agents to target a specific street or get a bird’s eye view of any neighborhood they’re interested in farming, along with the ownership details they need to start generating listings. Additionally, with a large percentage of the population still renting, the Realty Resource search engine can help agents generate potential homebuyer leads by browsing the market and collecting data on renters they can contact. “We didn’t just dream up these kinds of applications,” says Eggleston. “We went to the agent community and asked them what was missing in their prospecting toolkit, then put our minds to creating the means to those ends.” Collecting information used by sales professionals is not new for Cole Information. Founded in 1947 by entrepreneur Jack Cole, the Omaha, Neb.-based company launched the Cole Directory, a revolutionary reverse directory product that made it possible to locate and market to specific individuals. But by 2003, database technology was fast making print directories obsolete. Eggleston and his partners bought the failing company with the express purpose of moving its vast stores of collated contact information into the 21st century. “We did that by seamlessly integrating our information with online technology that makes the data actionable—and invaluable—to real estate professionals, creating instantly accessible marketing databases tailored to the user’s specific needs,” says Eggleston. Don Bass, associate broker with Bellabay Realty in Grand Rapids, Mich., has been a Premier subscriber since 2014. “I can tell you it works for me,” he says. “In my experience, Cole Realty Resource has the best, most accurate, most accessible contact data, including cells and emails, in the industry.” The company has grown exponentially, today serving more than 33,000 agent subscribers and brokers, many of whom, Eggleston notes, use the Realty Resource product as a recruiting tool by providing their agents with free access to the prospecting data. The flat-rate yearly subscription provides unlimited access to the data, giving agents the confidence they need to optimize their prospecting strategies by providing timely and useful information to targeted homeowners. “The fact is, there are other companies out there selling marketing lists. But we’re the only one with the power to help agents define precisely who they want to market to and where—right down to zip code, neighborhood and house,” says Eggleston. “We don’t sell leads,” emphasizes Eggleston. “We aren’t a lead producer or appointment setter. Cole Realty Resource is a hyper-local marketing service that empowers agents, teams and brokers to pinpoint target areas and take their marketing skills to the next level.”

The Social Circle Myth

Many wedding planners start out with the most obvious gig: their own wedding.  A bride spends months orchestrating the largest, most expensive event she has ever managed, and after it is all over, she has these skills she never had before.  She reaches out to friends and family to plan birthday parties, graduation open houses, and then weddings. All of a sudden, she has a growing small business. For many of us in the real estate community, our journey started similarly: selling Grandma’s house, helping mom and dad relocate to a retirement community, or protecting an aunt or uncle’s property investment.  It’s close and personal, but it gives you the bug. Then come the classes, the tests, and the license.  Like that, you’re a shiny new real estate agent. Unfortunately, the reality is that 87% of new agents fail in the first five years. They hound their friends on Facebook.  They hand out business cards at baby showers and weddings, but business is slow, if it comes in at all. Let’s face it: your social circle might be big enough to sell makeup, shampoo, or essential oils that all run out in a month or two, but it’s not big enough to keep a steady stream of home sales coming your way.  People are staying in their homes longer than they used to, almost 9 years according to recent data, so you’d need hundreds or thousands of friends to survive off of your social circle’s sales alone. So how do you break outside of your social circle? Prospecting. Don’t let all the research you just did on a neighborhood go to waste just because the sale is complete.  Use that data to let neighbors know what houses in their neighborhood are going for. Look up the neighbors of your most recent seller, and let them know how you can help them! Or if you have trouble finding inventory for your buyers in a popular neighborhood, reach out to that neighborhood and surrounding areas to let them know people are looking. Using cell phone and email data, also available from Cole, you can plug that info into facebook or programs such as Sly Dial to let those neighbors get to know you. Social circles are good for trying to get rid of an old couch or selling nutritional supplements, but they’re too small to pin your real estate career hopes on.  Start prospecting today and make your whole city your circle! 1 https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/why-working-part-time-real-estate-agent-does-fly-dana-sellers/ 2 https://www.keepingcurrentmatters.com/2017/02/28/how-long-do-most-families-stay-in-their-home/