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How are you planning on generating new insurance leads for the new year? While traditional forms of marketing are still being used more small businesses are turning to social media sites such as Facebook to continuing raising brand awareness.

Why should I create social ads?

Facebook continues to be the most widely used social media platform at 2.5 billion monthly users. Think about all of those users and quoting opportunities in your area you are missing out on.

Ads have a powerful impact on people’s buying decisions, as many as 50% of users click on an ad and it has influenced their buying decision.

Here are a few reasons why Facebook ads should be part of your lead generation:

  • Cost-effective. Facebook ads are easier on ROI.
  • Audience insight. Get immediate insight on who is clicking on your ads.
  • Online traffic. With your ads, you can direct traffic to your website.
  • Split testing and targeting. Not sure which ad will do better? Not a problem. Try two different ads and see which one does better.

You don’t need to replace your whole marketing strategy with social media ads, it’s important to use multiple forms of marketing to create brand recognition. Check out this post on creating a hyperlocal marketing strategy and how you can use social ads to enhance your strategy!


Step 1: Using Custom Audiences

Creating a custom audience is a great way to generate leads because you are taking your list with email addresses uploading it to Facebook and then putting an ad in front of that audience that reinforces your insurance agency as an industry expert.

Step 2: Writing Your Ad

When it comes to writing your ad, how are you going to get insurance prospects to stop their scroll? Remember when you are creating your ad, it’s important to stand out and catch potential customer’s attention.


Here are four tips to help you write your ad:

  • Audience. Use words that are specific to that audience and have to do with your ad.
  • Create tension. Remind the audience why you’re the insurance agent to go to. Try to either sympathize or empathize with the customer.
  • Give an answer. Don’t forget to answer the tension you’ve created.
  • Call to action. Make this something easy to do, such as visiting your website.

Don’t forget to put an image or short video with your ad! Ads that contain some type of graphic are 75%-90% more effective than ads with just text.

Stop missing out on the conversation and start being part of the conversation today! Start generating leads in insurance with Cole X-Dates, a prospecting platform for insurance agents.


For over 70 years, Cole Information has been helping insurance agents connect with prospects. Start creating more quoting opportunities today with Cole X-Dates.

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It only takes a few minutes to see how we can help you maximize your prospecting strategy!

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