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3 Tips for Creating Strong Insurance Leads

As an insurance agent, generating strong insurance leads that keep your insurance agency competitive is vital. There’s nothing more frustrating than getting the same insurance leads as a competitive agency, right?

Here are three tips to help you start creating strong insurance leads.

Tip 1: Identify your prospective customer

Before you start connecting with prospective customers, it is time to evaluate your ideal prospect. So how do you do that? Analyze.

Look at your policyholders from the past year. Do you notice any trends?

Be on the lookout for:

  • Demographics:
    Such as life events or age.
  • Area:
    See if there is a pattern of where your policyholders live.

By identifying your place in the market, your reach will go much farther and you will be able to generate more meaningful insurance leads.


Tip 2: Think Hyperlocal

Once you’ve identified your ideal prospect, it’s time to start thinking hyperlocal.

Hyperlocal marketing is a strategy that focuses on a targeted audience within a local area, such as a neighborhood or zip code. So taking your ideal prospect and identifying where they live and common traits that make sense for your business plan can help you develop a focused marketing plan.

By marketing to a specific demographic or localized area based on trigger events such as expiring policies you can drive name recognition and let prospects know you are the go-to insurance agent in the neighborhood.

Here are three ideas to help you develop a hyperlocal marketing plan:

  1. Mail: create a flyer that has content specific to the needs of the area you are targeting. 
  2. Outbound calling: follow up the direct mail piece with a quick 10-minute phone call. During this call, ask if you can provide a potential with a competitive quote. 
  3. Email: drop an email asking if there are any additional questions you can answer and make the ask for an appointment. 
  4. Social media ads: take the same list you are calling and emailing and throw a customized Facebook ad in front of them.

Prospecting and lead generation can be a challenge even for the most experienced insurance agents, but by thinking hyperlocal you can focus on the leads you can reach and feel less overwhelmed.


Tip 3: Follow up with insurance leads

While it’s important to give a potential client time to think about the quote or switching policies, following up is something that can help a client know you’re serious about helping them.

Try creating a schedule that allows you to have dedicated time to following up with leads. Check out our guide on How to Schedule Your Day and Grow Your Prospects.

You can get started by:

  • Setting aside one to two hours a week in your schedule that is dedicated specifically to following up on leads.
  • Take effective notes so when you follow up, you can remember the conversation and any key points.
  • Ask questions. Once you are able to establish a meeting or create a quote ask questions so you can get to know the needs of potential clients.


For over 70 years, Cole Information has been helping insurance agents connect with prospects. Start creating more quoting opportunities today with Cole X-Dates.


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It only takes a few minutes to see how we can help you maximize your prospecting strategy!

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