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Tired of getting the same leads as other agents? Are you looking for a way to stand out of the pack but not sure where to start? Now is the perfect time to change up your lead generation. Get started today with these three tips!

Tip #1 Create a Business Plan

This sounds simple, but many of us don’t have a plan in place. When creating a business plan there is an average increase of 27% in business. Maybe you have a plan in place, but with the current economy, your plan may need an update. Or maybe you’re just starting in the real estate industry and aren’t sure where to begin. 

By creating a solid plan you can start to set goals, create timelines and generate ideas for your business.

Not sure where to start or need help? Check out our real estate Business Health Check.


Tip #2 Define your Buyer Persona & Niche Market

It’s important to be constantly analyzing your sales, defining your buyer persona, and hitting your niche market. A buyer persona is a semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer and can help you focus your time on qualified prospects. By identifying your buyer persona you will then be able to focus on the leads that are coming in.

There are two categories for leads: Category A are the leads that are hot and ready to buy now, while Category B are the leads that take a little more time to nurture and won’t be ready to buy right away. Building out your buyer persona allows you to see which category your leads fall into.

Don’t forget to analyze your sales from the past year. While analyzing your sales look to see if there are any patterns such as:

  • Similar occupations
  • High time for sales
  • Clients come from a certain referral

By taking the time to evaluate and analyze your sales from the last year you can define what makes you unique as an agent!


Tip #3 Think Hyper-Local

Are you looking to expand your reach in a specific neighborhood? Let’s talk about creating a hyper-local strategy and what that means. Hyper-Local is the process of targeting prospective customers in a highly specific area, sometimes within a few blocks or streets of each other.

Here’s an example of how to think hyper-local: think back to where your best customer lives.
Can you create more sales in that neighborhood-based on the needs and wants of that area?

When creating a hyper-local strategy, try thinking about the following:

  • Drive name recognition. Send out flyers, emails and cold calls so you can drive name recognition into prospects’ minds.
  • Social Media Marketing. Try building a custom audience and using keywords that specifically target that area.
  • Create specific content that leverages your community.

Tip #4 Create Time to Follow Up

Struggling to find time to follow up? Remember customers have a home to sell, want to buy a home and in some cases do both. 70% of home buyers interview only one agent, so the follow up is essential in order to stay-top-of-mind.

At Cole, we’ve been collecting agents’ feedback on how they schedule their days to grow their lead generation. Check out our guide on How To Schedule Your Day and Grow Your Prospects.

While creating a schedule think about the following:

  • Set aside one to two hours a week in your schedule that is dedicated to following up on leads.
  • Look through your leads and notes so you can have an effective follow-up.
  • Ask questions that allow you to get to know what your prospects are looking for.

Are you ready to enhance your lead generation strategy? Find out today how Cole Realty Resource can help you generate your leads. Call 800-800-3271 or click here to learn more!


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It only takes a few minutes to see how we can help you maximize your prospecting strategy!

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