Keep Productivity Going Strong

Are you feeling like you’re not as productive as usual? Don’t worry you’re not alone. COVID-19 has completely changed the way many businesses are functioning and that required many of us to change our work habits and put an impromptu workspace together without much of a plan. Maybe you have a small space or you have to share it with your family and the kids use your space to do their homework. It’s easy to allow our workspace to get cluttered and our productivity levels go down without thinking about the space around us. With a cluttered workspace, it can be easy to always be looking around and feel overwhelmed.


A messy desk can create visual clutter which in turn doesn’t allow you to focus on the task at hand. With flyers from your open house or a pile of past listings on your desk, you’re busy looking around wondering what leads you’re missing out on instead of focusing on the leads you have in front of you. Or you’re busy thinking about that open house and what could have gone better instead of a listing you just got.

Digital Clutter

With so much work shifting from paper to digital, it’s easy to think that the clutter doesn’t exist if you don’t see it. Whether it’s paper or digital clutter can easily be created. The computer desktop is your main hub, and when you’re in the middle of a big open house or closing a sale, it is super easy just to save everything on your desk because it’s convenient. Most people spend at least 30 minutes to an hour a day looking for papers or files.

Lower self-confidence

Research from the University of Chicago Press shows disorganization can make us feel like we have to push through a task to get on to the next one and way may not be producing our best work. Without a system, in place, you may be just a second too late on a lead.

Tips to Create a More Productive Workspace

Here are three tips to get you started: #1 Organize. It doesn’t matter if it’s paper or digital. Create a simple filing system for projects, leads open houses, clients, or important documents. By doing this you can spend that 30 minutes to an hour following up on a lead or closing on a sale. #2 Natural light. Letting some natural light not only increases productivity bur increases overall mood. Workers with windows in the workplace had 173% more white light exposure during the workday and slept an average of 47 minutes more per might. #3 Add some greenery to your workspace. Now that you’ve arranged your workspace and created a filling system, it’s time to arrange fill in some of the space. Did you know that incorporating plants such as a cactus, fern, or flowers increases your productivity by 15%? Remember the perfect organizational system doesn’t happen right away. Take your time to create the perfect system and spaces that work for you. If you need help figuring out new plans for your work, yourself, and your community, download our free Personal Evaluation Guide.

What’s Your Selling Style?

Have you ever thought about your selling style? How do you find sellers? Most agents may never stop to think about their selling style, but it could be the key to keeping your lead generation going strong, which is vital to keeping you top-of-mind. Let’s start with defining your selling style. At Cole Information, we have had the pleasure of working with over 35,000 agents across the country and have found two main selling styles. So let’s break down what each selling means.

Consultative or Aggressive?

Consultative sellers focus on creating value and trust with a prospect and exploring their needs before offering a solution. Aggressive sellers believe the right clients are out there waiting and all they have to do is find them. No matter which selling style you are, there are clients out there that have a product to sell and they need your help!

Tips for Consultative Sellers

Start with researching the neighborhood. Think about what makes the area unique and what the demographic for the area is. By doing this you can create a hyper-local marketing approach that will allow you to focus on creating awareness and name recognition. Follow up. When talking with clients, create time to follow up and see if they are ready to take the next big step. Trying calling the neighborhood, many clients hire the first agent they talk to.

Tips for Aggressive Sellers

Start with being strategic! Research a new area that has a lot going on and learn what makes that area desirable. Just like with consultative sellers, agents should create a hyper-local marketing plan that focuses on the hot leads. When listing a house, host an open house just for the neighborhood, sometimes the buyer is right there in the neighborhood. But be careful. While talking to people, it’s important not to write them off too quickly. Even if you prefer a client that is ready to buy or sell right now, don’t leave money on the table. Whether you are a consultative or aggressive seller, one thing still holds true and that is prospecting. Chances are your next client is nearby your most recent sale or listing and by picking up the phone and talking you’re making the connections for your next deal! Take our quiz today and find out which selling style you are! No matter what your selling style is, Cole Realty Resource can help you connect with homeowners in a way that works for you.

Create a Strong Lead Generation Strategy!

Tired of getting the same leads as other agents? Are you looking for a way to stand out of the pack but not sure where to start? Now is the perfect time to change up your lead generation. Get started today with these three tips!

Tip #1 Create a Business Plan

This sounds simple but many of us don’t have a plan in place. When creating a business plan there is an average increase of 27% in business. Maybe you have a plan in place but with COVID-19 your plan may need an update or you are just starting in the real estate industry. By creating a solid plan you can start setting goals, creating timelines and ideas for your business. Not sure where to start or need help? Check out our real estate Business Health Check.

Tip #2 Define your Buyer Persona & Niche Market

It’s important to be constantly analyzing your sales, defining your buyer persona, and hitting your niche market. A buyer persona is a semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer and can help you focus your time on qualified prospects. By identifying your buyer persona you will then be able to focus on the leads that are coming in. There are two categories for leads: Category A are the leads that are hot and ready to buy now, while Category B are the leads that take a little more time to nurture and won’t be ready to buy right away. Building out your buyer persona allows you to see which category your leads fall into. Don’t forget to analyze your sales from the past year. While analyzing your sales look to see if there are any patterns such as:
  • Similar occupations
  • High time for sales
  • Clients come from a certain referral
By taking the time to evaluate and analyze your sales from the last year you can define what makes you unique as an agent!

Tip #3 Think Hyper-Local

Are you looking to expand your reach in a specific neighborhood? Let’s talk about creating a hyper-local strategy and what that means. Hyper-Local is the process of targeting prospective customers in a highly specific area, sometimes within a few blocks or streets of each other. Here’s an example of to think hyper-local: think back to where you best customer lives. Can you create more sales in that neighborhood-based on the needs and wants of that area? When creating a hyper-local strategy, try thinking about the following:
  • Drive name recognition. Send out flyers, emails and cold calls so you can drive name recognition into prospects’ minds.
  • Social Media Marketing. Try building a custom audience and using keywords that specifically target that area.
  • Create specific content that leverages your community.

Tip #4 Create Time to Follow Up

Struggling to find time to follow up? Remember customers have a home to sell, want to buy a home and in some cases do both. 70% of home buyers interview only one agent, so the follow up is essential in order to stay-top-of-mind. At Cole, we’ve been collecting agents’ feedback on how they schedule their days to grow their lead generation. Check out our guide on How To Schedule Your Day and Grow Your Prospects. While creating a schedule think about the following:
  • Set aside one to two hours a week in your schedule that is dedicated to following up on leads.
  • Look through your leads and notes so you can have an effective follow-up.
  • Ask questions that allow you to get to know what your prospects are looking for.
Are you ready to enhance your lead generation strategy? Find out today how Cole Realty Resource can help you generate your leads. Call 800-800-3271 or click here to learn more!

It’s Time to Grow Your Facebook Strategy

Have you been posting a lot of content on Facebook, but you’re not getting the results you were hoping for? Now is the time to start thinking about how to expand your strategy! Move beyond your followers and likes and start staying top-of-mind when customers are ready to list. Here are a few tips to help you get started!

Tip #1: Enhance Your Social Media Presence

While traditional forms of marketing such as flyers and billboards are still being used, more and more agents are turning to social media to enhance their marketing strategy. Facebook continues to be the most widely used social media platform at 2.5 billion monthly users. With so many users on Facebook, it is important to start incorporating social media ads into your marketing strategy. Still not convinced social media is the way to go. Ads do have a powerful impact on people’s buying decisions, as many as 51% of users click on an ad and it has influenced their buying decision. Here are a few reasons why Facebook ads should be part of your lead generation.
  • Cost-Effective. Facebook ads are easier on ROI
  • Audience insight. Get immediate insight on who is clicking on your ads.
  • Online traffic. With your ads, you can direct traffic to your website.
  • Split testing and targeting. Try two different ads and see which one does better.

Tip #2: Get Custom on Facebook

Once you have started running ads, it’s time to start learning who your ideal audience is. One way to do this is by creating a custom audience. By doing this your taking information about your ideal audience and creating ads that target a more specific group of people.

Tip #3: Writing Your Ad

Now it comes down to writing your ad. With so much on Facebook, it’s important to stop and think, how are you going to get a person to stop their scroll and look at your ad?  It can be an information overload, so trying to keep your ad simple and be personal. Here are four tips for when you write your ad: #1. Audience. Use words that tie into your audience. Keep your ad copy short and simple. #2. Create Tension. Try to sympathize or empathize with your audience. #3. Give an Answer. Answer the tension by saying you can help with their problem. #4. Create a Call to Action. Make this something easy to accomplish. Don’t forget to put an image or video with your ad to make it more appealing. If there is some type of graphic you will be 75%-90% more effective. Remember your first ad isn’t going to be perfect and your ads are going to be constantly changing. Take your time and make adjustments and soon enough you’ll be on your way to creating an amazing social media strategy! Are you ready to enhance your strategy? Find out how Cole Realty Resource can help you! Call 800-800-3271 or click here to learn more!