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Your goals for this year may not have turned out exactly how you have planned and that’s ok. The economy is changing rapidly, and many businesses are pivoting their plans to reach their goals. We talked with Sam Taggart, Founder of D2Dexperts about how you can warm the neighborhood and soften the doors without door knocking.

Create a Strategy

It’s all about creating that multi-channel strategy, don’t just focus on one channel try incorporating more. It’s all about creating name recognition and sticking out in the neighborhood.

Taggart breaks the process down into five basic steps

  1. Get the right person. Did you know your next project most likely lives close by your most current job? By using Cole Neighborhoods, you can build a list based on your most recent job site.
  2. Break their preoccupation and introduce yourself. This is where you can incorporate ringless voicemail. By using ringless voicemail you are creating interest because you are leaving a voicemail without ringing their phone. In the voicemail be sure to introduce yourself and your business.
  3. Tell them at you’re doing and why. Remind prospects that they may have seen you around the neighborhood doing work.
  4. Pull back. Incorporate other channels that you have planned in your multi-channel strategy. Try creating an email campaign that has a follow up from your voicemail and a couple of other drops that contain testimonials or pictures of your work. Create a flyer with the services you offer and drop a targeted Facebook ad to create name recognition.
  5. Set the appointment or make the ask. This is where a couple of weeks later you should be following up on the lead. Personally, call the prospect and see if there are any questions you can answer. At the end ask if you can follow up in person.

“I am hitting them up in three different avenues. It’s like I’ve knocked on their front door, their side door, and I’ve knocked on their back door,” says Taggart.


Focus on all Leads

Don’t forget to follow up on all leads. Think of leads as two categories. Category A has the leads that are hot and they are ready to buy, while Category B has leads that take a little more time to nurture and won’t be ready to buy right away.

It’s important to keep up with both leads, so when you start door knocking you can connect with all leads and it’s your name they remember and not the name that is just appearing in the neighborhood.

“Data is king. It’s where you get your data, what you do with the data and how you can jam on the phones and digitally door knock,” says Taggart.

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It only takes a few minutes to see how we can help you maximize your prospecting strategy!

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