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In today’s fast-paced, immediate gratification, online insurance quotes world, convincing customers that they still need an agent can be difficult.

Why should customers put in any extra time and effort on something that can be accomplished from their smartphone screen without ever interacting with another person?

Because you’re more valuable to them. That’s why.

Agents like you are often the first call when the unexpected happens, and you have the experience and compassion that trumps a glowing screen any day.

Here are three ways to demonstrate your value to potential customers.

Find a niche

You can’t be everything to every customer. That’s okay. Your time is better spent on focusing on a specific customer base.

An agent in Texas partners with a large corporation employing hundreds of ex-pats. He was the go-to agent for auto and renters insurance for people brand new to the US. He knew the ins and outs of insuring brand new US drivers and finding all discounts that were available to them.

For you, it might mean finding an office space near a car dealership or partnering with an apartment complex to be the go-to person they refer new renters to.

Find a niche and be the best at it.


Go above and beyond

Personal touches can make a big difference.

What if you sent cookies to your home insurance customers each year around their renewal? Or a custom leather key chain to your auto customers?

In our social media-saturated world, those extra efforts can make a big impact. It only takes a few customers sharing on Instagram the delicious chocolate chip cookies you sent, for others to take notice. Their insurance company isn’t doing that, especially if they don’t have an agent.

Take that, computer.

Don’t underestimate the value of letting your customers market for you. According to Inc., customers are more likely to trust word of mouth than traditional advertising.1


Be an expert

The average customer really doesn’t understand the coverage they need.

While an online quote is efficient, it cannot provide personalized expertise. You can, which is precisely why people need agents.

When it comes to protecting our lives, families, and assets we need real knowledge and experience. Most people don’t need full coverage on that 1987 Honda Civic, and they need you to explain why.


The world is changing by the minute, but faster isn’t always better. With a little effort, you can prove your continued worth in the evolving marketplace.

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It only takes a few minutes to see how we can help you maximize your prospecting strategy!

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