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Five Easy Tricks to Keep Your Insurance Game Strong

A long-time customer calls. They’re asking about new discounts. Their policy is about to renew and their premium went up. They’re definitely shopping rates.

The strange economy this year is going to cause consumers to hold their wallets more tightly, and you’ve got to be ready for some tough conversations in order to keep your agency healthy.

It’s more important than ever for you to be at the top of your game. 

So if you find yourself losing steam, here are 5 easy tricks to keep yourself going.

Start your day with breakfast.

You’ve heard that a million times before. And you know it’s good advice, but who has the time? Figuring out the right on-the-go nutritious breakfast option for yourself is worth the effort. According to Inc.1, studies show that breakfast is good for your mood and your concentration. What better way to deal with cranky customers than starting off your day in a good, focused mood? 

Take a walk during your lunch break.

First of all, that means you have to actually take a lunch break. This should be a non-negotiable part of your day. Take a few minutes during your lunch break to get outside for a quick walk. If the weather is bad, walk around your office. This isn’t cardio time, this is a quick mental break to refresh and a quick break from sitting at your desk.

Getting your body moving will increase bloodflow to your brain, and also give you a much needed cognitive break from whatever problem you’re trying to solve. You’ll come back with a clearer mind and be able to see things in a fresh way.

Leave the office on time.

Set a goal to be home on time at least three days per week. None of us are at our best when we work extended hours, stay late, and eat dinner at 9 pm every day. The work you do in the hours after you were supposed to leave isn’t going to be your best. Studies show you’re more likely to make mistakes after-hours, among a host of other ill effects of working late.

Organize your desk.

Having a clear mind is difficult when you have a cluttered desk. Your organization system doesn’t have to be what works for anyone else. (No, it does not need to be Marie Kondo approved. You shouldn’t toss out files for customers who don’t spark joy.)

What you need is simply something that works for you. Put everything in a place that makes sense for you.

Plan time for yourself.

In our go-go-go world, finding time for friends and family is hard enough. Finding alone time can be even harder. No matter your personality, some time alone to yourself is healthy and necessary.

Keep it simple. Maybe grab a coffee on the way home and sit in your car for 10 minutes to enjoy it and decompress before going in the house.

Taking a little better care for yourself doesn’t have to be hard or time-consuming. Try one or more of these now and see how quickly spending a little more time on yourself helps you focus better at work.


What’s next?

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