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Webinar Recap: Q&A with Mike Ferry

By Sarah Elfering

At Cole Information, we understand that many agents are figuring out how to conduct business.

How are you staying top-of-mind? Are you still prospecting or are you waiting on the sidelines to see what the economy does? Mike Ferry, Founder & Real Estate Coach of the Mike Ferry Organization talks with Tyler Steenken, Director of Strategic Partnerships at Cole about how to keep lead generation going.

Tip #1: Adapt a Different Mindset

Remember the leads may be slower, Ferry shares that it’s important to change your mindset and recommends that agents adapt their mindset to have more empathy, kindness and understanding when talking with prospects. Try putting yourself in their shoes and look at the housing market from their point of view.

“Understanding how they (prospects) feel and where they are coming from, accomplish and do can go a long way,” says Ferry.

Ferry also looks at leads in two categories. Category A is the hot leads and they are ready to buy, while Category B is the leads that take a little more time to nurture and won’t be ready to buy right away. Agents may find more prospects fall into Category B while they see how the economy plays out.

“You’ve got to talk to those people that are in the second bucket. Share market reports and neighborhood updates with them,” says Ferry. “Because when the flood gates, open we want all of those prospects to come back to the agents that communicating with them.”

Tip 2 # Use Your Network

Don’t be afraid to use the network you’ve built. This just doesn’t mean talking with other agents but check in with insurance agents or other professionals in the real estate market.

With some states still shutdown, agents are unable to call leads like they usually would. Ferry recommends picking up the phone and calling your centers of influence. This is a good time to connect with them to make sure they are doing ok and see if there is a way you can help each other.

“You can expand your centers of influence list just by asking people for referrals”, says Ferry.

Tip #3 Keep on Prospecting

As states start to open up, it’s important to keep up on the leads. People have been working from home for months now and they are starting to get restless and will be more willing to talk to an agent. For Ferry, it’s all about picking up the phone and make a personal connection.

“If I was to call 15-20 people around my listings and sales you’re (Cole Realty Resource) is going to furnish me with the phone numbers,” says Ferry. You’re going to be in more conversations than you want to be in.”

Watch the complete Q&A here!  Are you ready to increase your lead generation? Call 800-800-3271 (M-F 8am-5pm CST) or click here to learn more about Cole Realty Resource.


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