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Make a Plan for Post-Quarantine

By Cole Editoral

Spring 2020 isn’t shaping up how anyone anticipated.

What should’ve been the busy season for home services has been the uncertain season.

Hopefully, the economic downturn hasn’t affected too many of your customers and you still have a decent amount of work you can do.

If that hasn’t been the case, you can still use your time working from home to make a plan and shore up business for the coming seasons.

You can do two things to weather this unusual season: figure out how to pivot and create a sales pipeline.

Figure out how to pivot

If you’re in landscaping, use your skills to educate people who are at home.

Interest in home gardening is seeing a resurgence.1

You can position yourself as a valuable asset to those who are new to gardening. Share useful tips and tricks on your social media. Give advice on what to grow and how to be successful growing in your area or teach people about composting.

Not only can you help your community, develop their green thumbs, so you can help boost the moods during quarantine. And don’t worry, they’ll still need you when this is all over. Most people won’t have time to garden when they return to their normal schedules.

Create a sales pipeline

Having a healthy sales pipeline is essential right now.

Due to uncertainty for everyone, it will take longer to bring new clients on board.

Get started now so that when you’re able to get back to work, you’ll have a stream fo customers ready to go.

Think creatively about what you can do to generate new leads during this time. Send out special offer postcards to your lists from Cole Neighborhoods to lockĀ  in service requests. Or use that list to create a Facebook ad that specifically targets homeowners in your area.

For solar and roofing, lead with cost savings.

Many people are evaluating their expenses right now, and this is the right time to remind them how your product saves them money.

Just because you’re “stuck” at home doesn’t mean your business has to be stuck. Using your lists from Cole Neighborhoods, you can reach homeowners right from the comfort of your own home.

Download our free Business Plan Health Check to make sure your business is in good shape post-quarantine.




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