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Maintaining Personal Balance in an Uncertain Economy

By Cole Editoral

Whether it’s bad weather, or a new baby, or a global pandemic, life is often full of experiences that throw our normal routines off-kilter

How do you maintain a work-life balance when everything is out of balance?

Here are five helpful tips for navigating uncertain circumstances.

1. Accept that things are different.

Often we try to approach new situations with old methods. Tried-and-true ways are often not applicable in unknown territory. According to Psychology Today, accepting your circumstances is one of the best ways too reduce stress.1

You will have a learning curve, and it may take a few tries to figure out what will work now. And that’s okay! Figuring that out is the first step to successfully handling new circumstances.

2. Allow yourself to be less productive.

Some reasons fo life require our primary efforts to go toward enduring or surviving. In these times your well-being and the well-being of those around you requires more attention than usual. This is okay and necessary. Give yourself space for it.

That space will be borrowed from attention you would normally our into work. Allow that to happen for now. Hit the priorities that have to be met on a given day and be okay with addressing lower priority items later.

3. Consider a shorter and/or unconventional work day.

Under normal circumstances you fit life around your work hours. In abnormal circumstances, you will probably find that fitting work around your life is more effective.

You may have to work in one or two hour shifts maintaining the household or addressing the needs of those around you. Or, you may start or end work at a different time in order to fit everything you need to.

4. Manage your expectations.

Your plans at the beginning of this year likely didn’t include the words of COVID-19. So you shouldn’t feel tied to goals you made without all the information in mind.

Reconfigure your goals by forecasting best and worst case scenarios and making plans for each. Knowing you’re on the new right track will help you regain peace of mind.

5. Be open to a new normal

As your unusual circumstances come to an end, be willing to evaluate what you learned from them.

Did you make any adjustments that are worth carrying with you and when things go back to normal? Sometimes disruptions help us grow and find better ways of handling things. Don’t dismiss them in favor of old ways just because they were born out of necessity.

Life will find a normal balance again. It may not look exactly how it did before, but the stress and the uncertainty you’re feeling right now won’t always be there. Give yourself time to figure things out.

Make a New Plan

If you need help figuring out new plans for your work, yourself, and your community, download our free Personal Evaluation  to get a better handle on where you are and where you’re going.


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