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Insurance Agents: You Were Made for This

By Cole Editoral

Aiding in crisis is exactly what insurance is about.

The pandemic may not have your customers filing claims, but maybe they need to hear from you anyway.

In uncertain times, one of the most comforting assurances is that others are there for you.

Take some time to reach out to all of your clients and as many leads as possible just to check-in and see how they’re doing and see if you can help them in any way.

Since resources can be scarce, consider partnering with a church or business that might have relief programs available. Have some resources available for your clients who are in need.

Check-in on your clients. Use this targeted approach to reach customers in an effective order rather than going alphabetically.

Start with your elderly customers

Since the elderly are in the highest risk category, they are the most likely to need help right now. Offer to pick up groceries. Or just be a friendly voice in what can be a lonely time.

Check in on families with young kids

Keeping a household running with young children is hard enough during normal circumstances. Under a global crisis, it can be quite chaotic. Consider dropping of sidewalk chalk or bubbles.

Speak with single adults

While adults who live on their own without children do not have the same responsibilities as a family does, they have the added uncertainty of every responsibility falling on them. If they’ve lost a job, there’s no one else in the household to potentially count on.

You may not have all the answers for your clients, and that’s okay. Odds are good your network is larger than theirs and maybe you know someone who can help even if you can’t.

The time you invest in looking out for your customers when it’s above and beyond the service you’re being paid to do will tell them exactly the kind of person you are. That’s a value they can’t get from an insurance website. And when it comes time to deal with a claim, they’ll be confident that they have you in their corner.

Building a healthy business isn’t just about transactions. It’s about relationships, both inside and outside your agency.

If you’d like to spend more time working on the health of your business, download the Business Plan Health Check to get started.


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