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Your Home Service Business Needs a Plan

By Cole Editoral

What happens when you wake and the world is completely different?

Do you crawl into a hole and wait for things to go back to “normal?” No.

Stay-at-home orders, shelter-in-place decree, and businesses closing up shop make it difficult to be successful with your usual arsenal of marketing techniques. You need to be unusual. You need to develop a plan.

Develop a Plan

Take a moment to consider where you want to be three weeks from now. Three months from now. A year from now? What would you have done differently three months ago if you knew that you would wake up to the world as it is today?

Before these thoughts float out of your head, take a moment to write them down on a worksheet like this Business Plan Health Check from us here at Cole Information. Evaluate your business approach and take the opportunity to think differently.

What worked yesterday, might not work today so don’t be afraid to try something new. Pivot your sales pitch. Put yourself in your customers’ shoes and pretend to sell to yourself.

Prepare for a Longer Sales Cycle

In the face of uncertainty, people may be holding tighter to their wallets. They want to be sure that they will see a return on their investment.

Follow-up initial contacts with postcards, voicemails, and fliers. Be a kind, helpful advocate for your field and be diligent.

An initial “no” is not necessarily the end of the sales cycles. Give your clients time to develop trust. Showcase yourself as the expert that you are and develop the relationship that will lead to the sale. Be patient, don’t give up.

Try Something New

Take a moment to examine your product. What can you offer that separates you from the competition and gets you an early yes from your clients? It’s cheaper to sell to an existing customer and so by getting an early yes with an  inexpensive product, you pave the way for an easier sell of a higher ticket item.

See if you can package some of your services together in a way that lets you lower the price but maintain your profit. Offer roof inspection, maintenance, or gutter cleaning in lieu of roof repair or replacement.

Develop their trust and work your way into the bigger services.

Begin lawn maintenance with a simple cut and edge package and then as the seasons allow, upsell fertilizer or complete garden care.

Partner with other home services. Put your heads together to come up with a combined package or offer discounted referral services for each other’s companies.

Get the Team Together

Your workers are people too. They aren’t immune to the uncertainty that came with the pandemic.

Take an afternoon to go over the Business Plan Health Check with them.

If your workers know where the business is going, they’ll be more likely to work toward those goals and be more confident in your businesses’ future.

Take the time today to develop a plan, try something new, and get the team together so that when you wake up tomorrow, despite what is going on in the world, you can win the day.

Download the free Business Plan Health Check today!



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