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Winter-Proofing Your Landscaping Business Starts Now

By Cole Editoral

The casual observer might assume that the hardest part of your job is long, hot summer days.

And while those days break a sweat, sometimes the more difficult part of owning a landscaping business is facing the uncertainty of winter.

Spring has arrived. Your workers are able to get outside. Fall and winter probably aren’t at the forefront of your mind right now, but here’s why they should be.

Downtimes for seasonal services are difficult. By planning now and building off-season services into your current offerings, you can keep more of your customers year-around and level off the seasonal slowdown.

With the uncertainty of this year especially, you might find that your busy season isn’t ramping up as quickly as you were counting on. If that’s the case, make use of this time to make plans to reach new customers and build new services.

According to the Small Business Association1, planning ahead helps you guide your business in the direction you want to go as you grow. Don’t get caught off guard and don’t get caught in a slump. Make a plan for what you want the whole year to look like and then make it happen.

Consider these additional services that will keep your clients happy and help keep your business from stagnating during the winter months.

Freeze wrapping

After all of your hard work creating beautiful landscaping, it would be a shame for the winter to wreck it all. Who knows better than you what winter care is needed for everything you’ve planted? Offer your landscaping customers wrapping services for freeze warnings. This extra step and letting your customers stay in during the cold will keep them happy all year.

Salting and snow blowing

Similar to helping customers prepare for freezes, salting and snow blowing keep them warm inside and keep you busy when outdoor work is at a minimum. During a snowy winter, you could end up with nearly as much business as you have in the summer.

Holiday lights

This is the perfect out of season service to offer! Nothing says the holidays like lights twinkling on trees and bushes and from the eaves. You already have the necessary ladders. Build this into the services you offer existing clients, and then their neighbors, and watch your off-season business grow quickly

Make a Plan

Whether you’re thinking about how to winter-proof your business or cope with the COVID-19 crisis, our free Business Plan Health Check will help you figure out where there are opportunities to grow! Download it today!



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