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Finding Your Dream Team

By Cole Editoral

Have you found yourself saying one of these…

“Good help is hard to come by.”
“Kids these days don’t want to work.”

We’ve all worked with people who completely justify these complaints.But we’ve also all seen workers whoo absolutely defy stereotypes – the dream workers who go above and beyond.

So how do you attract more dream workers and fewer duds? Believe it or not, it all starts with you and the job posting you put out.

The Posting

Does it sometimes feel like the dream workers never even apply to work for you? Your job listing might be driving them away.

Dream workers are very accustomed to reading between the lines.

If your listing says … “hard workers only.”
Potential employees hear … “difficult to please the boss.”

The reality is, the need for hard workers is implied by the fact that you’re hiring in the first place. No one is hiring slackers on purpose, but you may be getting them accidentally by driving away good employees.

Instead try, “opportunities for advancement.” This shows that hard work will be rewarded and can attract the kind of people you’re looking for.

If your listing says … “always on time”
Potential employees hear … “rigid, uncompassionate environment.”

Timeliness is an important quality in an employee. But life happens and if employees feel like they’ll never be extended understanding, they’ll quit before you even hire them.

Instead, express the importance of arriving on time during the interview, and use the potential hire’s timeliness for the interview to gauge if this is probably an area where they excel or not.

Set Expectations

List what you’re really looking for. According to ZipRecruiter, your listing can get overlooked if you fail to strike the balance between too specific and too general. Give employees an overview of what their day might look like.

You want to attract the employees who can see themselves in that job.

Be Competitive

Offer competitive pay. This isn’t always easy, depending on the season, but landing those big jobs you dream of requires good employees to help you get the job done. They deserve to be compensated for the valuable role they play in your business, and the good ones know it.

People need to know that in a business where not even the dirt is treated like dirt. Workers thrive on a sense of purpose and accomplishment, and that’s hard to foster in an environment where they feel disrespected.

Is Your Business Healthy?

With everybody thinking about their “essential” and “non-essential” employees right now, there’s no better time to make sure your business and team are healthy.

Download our free Business Plan Health Check so you can assess how your team and other areas of your business are doing!



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