Contractor & Home Service Leads FAQ

Increase your contractor & home service leads and start connecting with the neighborhood today! Contractors and home service professionals are growing their lead generation with Cole Information’s platform Cole Neighborhoods with the data technology they need to grow their sphere of influence and reach the neighborhood. Where does our information come from and how often is it updated? Our information is updated every 30 days and is compiled from various public records such as real estate transactions, assessor information, and census data. To learn more about where we get our data What is Cole Community? Cole Community is our blog that gets updated with industry-relevant topics, videos, and downloadable content. Click here to check out Cole Community. What are your hours? Cole is open Monday-Friday from 8am-5pm CST. We can be reached at 800-800-3271 option 2 or drop us an email at How do I log in? To login to Cole Neighborhoods, visit How do I cancel my subscription? Please call our customer service team at 800-800-3271 option 2 or drop us an email at How do I know when my subscription expires? To ensure uninterrupted service, your subscription renews automatically. To know when your account renews, log in to Cole Neighborhoods and click on my account. If you have any questions call our customer service team at 800-800-3271 option 2 or drop us an email at What is a Neighbor Search? This allows you to prospect to an entire neighborhood What is Aerial View? This gives you a bird’s eye view of the neighborhood and allows you to pinpoint household details each time you click on a home. I am searching for a record and get no results. What am I doing wrong? Remember “less is more” and only enter the required fields. Try removing unnecessary words like street, court, plaza or lane. What is the difference between all records/ mailing/ telemarketing? All records provide all the information in our database. Mailing provides you with the highest deliverability based on USPS. Telemarketing provides individuals and phone numbers that are not on the DNC. I can’t find an address in your database. Why is someone else’s information on my address? The most common reason for this is the record holder has asked to be removed from the database or we are not able to verify the record information. I forgot to save a file. How do I find that file? Log into your account and click on “My Account” and look under recent downloads. We only save searches for two weeks, so if the search is older than two weeks it will not show up. How many records can I search for or export at one time? If your search exceeds 1,500 records, we can only display up to 10,000 records at a time. Depending on your subscription level you can download only so many records at once. The starter subscription has a cap of 2,000 record downloads per month. The pro subscription has unlimited downloads per month. There is a cap of downloading 1,500 records at once, but you can download all of your searches by selecting pages and downloading 1-5, 6-10, etc. until you get all of your records. Here’s a quick video to help you start increasing your contractor &  home service leads.


For over 70 years, Cole Information has been helping contractors and home service professionals connect with prospects. Start creating more leads today with Cole Neighborhoods!