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Work From Home Tips

By Sarah Elfering

Working from home for many of us is something that we have never done before. For all of us, COVID-19 changed our way of life and now we have to adapt to a “new normal”. It can feel overwhelming losing that sense of office space and not having as much interaction with coworkers. This new normal shouldn’t feel isolating or overwhelming and give us a chance to be just as successful. If you are worried about working from home, don’t worry you are not alone, chances are others are feeling the same way!

Here are some tips and tricks that can help you along the way.

Create a designated workspace

There are five basic strategies you can use to create your perfect space: access to natural light, comfortable temperature, good air quality, comfortable furniture, and a plan for minimizing distractions.

It may seem like a lot and feel overwhelming, but it can be easy!

You may not have a lot of space or you may be sharing the space with your children or significant other. It’s important to be able to get yourself in the mindset of working. So, wherever your workspace is try putting out items that remind you it’s time to work.

No matter the size of your workspace put your desk near a window, so you get some natural light and try not to face just a wall, many of us think that by facing a wall we can minimize the distractions, but we are just doing the opposite. By facing the open space or window you are allowing your eyes to focus on something else besides a barrier and your imagination follows better instead of just staring at the same spot day after day.

Take a Break

There are times where it is going to feel like no matter what you do, you cannot focus, take a break. No matter how much you force yourself to focus on the task on hand, it won’t get done if you aren’t able to focus. Taking a break allows the mind to regroup, get the blood moving and can be a caffeine booster without drinking that extra cup of coffee.

Touch base with your team

Working from home can feel very isolating, especially if you are used to a lot of interaction with co-workers. Try setting time aside each week to touch base with your team and it doesn’t have to be about work. Managers can dedicate time during the workday to allow workers time to connect, share ideas and become a support system for each other.

Here are a few ways to keep in touch:

  • Morning coffee breaks
  • Friendly competition
  • Involve coworkers’ families
  • Lunch breaks

Remember this is something that is going to be constantly evolving. Try different things out and share your struggles and success with your team. Take one day at a time and you’ve got what it takes to come out stronger than you were before the COVID-19 pandemic hit us.


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