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What is Hyper-Local Marketing?

By Sarah Elfering

Let’s talk about hyper-local marketing and what it means. It is crucial for real estate agents, insurance agents or home service professionals to think about specific neighborhoods and the impact you can have there. Don’t worry if you are not familiar with hyper-local marketing. We are here to help! In this post, we are going to break down what it means to be hyper-local, why it is essential to do hyper-local marketing and four tips to help you start thinking hyper-local.

What is Hyper-Local Marketing? 

Hyper-Local Marketing is the process of targeting prospective customers in a highly specific, geographically restricted area, sometimes just a few blocks or streets, often with the intention of targeting people nearby.

Here’s an example to help you get started: your best customer lives in a specific neighborhood, and you would love to do more business in that area. You would look for ways to build a hyper-local marketing campaign for that area based on the needs and wants of that neighborhood.

Why is Hyper-Local Marketing important?

As a small business owner, it is important to know you don’t have to worry about spending money on national ad campaigns to induce incoming traffic. Think about hyper-local marketing as targeting a specific area and working your way into that area. It’s all about building a strong marketing strategy based on the wants and needs of the neighborhood.

It’s important to note that to build a strong marketing strategy, you don’t need to have a big budget. Since you are focusing on a specific area, your budget can go further since it is not a national campaign.

As we are gearing up for the spring season, it is time to start implementing your hyper-local marketing strategy today.

Here are three reasons why it is important to build a hyper-local marketing strategy:

  1. Build brand awareness
  2. Name recognition
  3. Conversation starter

Getting Started with Hyper-Local Marketing

Here are four tips to help you get started:

  1. Create multiple touchpoints. It’s all comes down to name recognition. Are you more likely to do business with a name you have seen around the neighborhood or a name that has just appeared? By sending out flyers, emails, cold calling or doing targeted social media campaigns, you are driving your business into clients’ minds.
  2. Social Media Marketing. With everyone on their phone, how do you stop a person’s scroll? Try creating a custom audience based on those living in the area you want to target.
  3. Door-Knocking. It’s time to go old school and walk the neighborhood. Be proactive and talk to people face to face. By door-knocking, you can learn about the community, such as why the area is up and coming.
  4. Create Specific Content. Leverage your community. Think about the clients and the area they live in. Create content that speaks to that area. This is great for real estate agents and people who just moved to the neighborhood. Make a welcome guide that tells a person where the best local eats are.

Now it’s time to get started building your hyper-local marketing strategy! Remember being hyper-local means targeted a specific area that you want to make connections and build brand awareness. It is crucial to think hyper-local because it can help strengthen your marketing strategy by thinking of the needs and wants of an area. Think of multiple touchpoints, social media marketing, door knocking and content creation, and you will be on your way in no time!


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