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Five Benefits to Building a Strong Team!

By Sarah Elfering

We have had all heard the phrase, “Teamwork makes the dream work,” right? Some days working with a team can be a piece of cake, and there are some days where it can feel like your dragging your feet through the mud.

Working in teams is an integral part of any job, whether you are in real estate, home services or insurance.

Here are five benefits of working in a team

Increased Creativity 

Working in a team allows members to bounce new and old ideas off each other. There is nothing wrong with working alone, and at times it is necessary, but it is easy to fall into the same routine. Working with others allows creativity to flow more relaxed, and maybe a teammate can help you build up an idea you are working on or offer different insights.

Working in a team also shows that people are more willing to take risks. Think of it this way, if you are working on a project by yourself, are you more likely to do what you know works or break out of the box and try something different? If you try something different with a team, then everyone can share the success or failures that may come.

Be Empowering 

Everyone in the team needs to be supportive, no matter if you are the team leader or not. Remember, a teammate worked hard on that project, and if their work never gets acknowledge, how do you think they will feel?

As a member of the team, it’s essential to recognize the hard work a member puts forward and tell them their work was excellent. If you feel like a teammate deserves more recognition, put a shoutout on social media, but remember if you do this, thank everyone who helped out on the project. Don’t leave one person out because you want to empower everyone, no matter how small their job was.

Teaches Conflict Resolution 

Conflict happens no matter what situation, and in a team environment, it happens more often than you think. Remember, employees, come from all different backgrounds and different work styles.

If there is a conflict, it is vital to address it head-on because the team cannot move forward if there is friction. Also, if the dispute isn’t resolved and the tension continues after the project, then it may make people hesitant to work with you for future projects.

Employee Ownership 

Everyone in a team has a goal to work towards to get a project done, and there is no better feeling than knowing you helped reach that goal. There is a sense of ownership everyone in the team gets when a goal is reached. It is empowering knowing that you helped create something great and, in turn, that can lead to higher employee satisfaction and company loyalty.

Be a Team Player

Here’s a great example say you are on a team and each member is part of a different department, so each member takes on the role of the department they belong to. Maybe one department has more positions to fill than the other. It is crucial to make sure that each member is doing ok and see if they need help. Offer that person support because if one person isn’t able to get everything done, then the team won’t succeed.  

Remember, great teams, don’t happen overnight. It takes many trials and errors for a great team to grow together. Look at each group as a learning opportunity, and you will be on your way to excellent teamwork in no time!


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