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Three Tips to Overcome the Biggest Marketing Challenges

By Sarah Elfering

Are you struggling to get your name out there? Being a home service professional requires continuous marketing and it can be challenging. How do you get your name out there and have time to work with clients?

Get started with these three easy-to-follow tips and overcome the biggest marketing hurdles!

Tip 1: Be Memorable

Remember, clients are no longer using traditional means to contact an agent. Don’t just send a mailer. Clients are using social media more and more. Post a video that shows off how connected you are to an area, such as the best local eats in the area. Associating yourself with memorable content will jump you over the top-of-mind hurdle.

Tip 2: Be Proactive

Don’t just wait for a phone call; get out there and start making phone calls yourself! Stand out of the crowd. If you prefer something more face-to-face, try door knocking. Here are some tips from Sam Taggart, D2D (door-to-door expert):

  • Get the right person
  • Break their preoccupation
  • Tell them what you’re doing and why
  • Pull back
  • Set the appointment or make the ask

Your daily hustle will lift you over the reactive hurdle.

Tip 3: Be in Touch

Don’t just contact a potential client once. Have a multi-channel approach when contacting clients. Multi-channel means not only calling someone, but following up with an email or mailer. It is important to have multiple points of contact, because clients then start recognizing your name. Multi-channel leaps you over the low contact hurdle.

Remember: You’ve got this. Know that it is going to take time and success will not happen over night. Be persistent and try something new. Know your next client could be just around the corner.

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It only takes a few minutes to see how we can help you maximize your prospecting strategy!

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