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Warming the Neighborhood: A Step-by-Step Plan

By Sarah Elfering

Are you trying to create excitement around your new listing? Are you breaking into a new neighborhood or market?

Meet San Diego real estate agent Kyle Whissel. Whissel is the team leader of Whissel Realty Group, and shares his best methods for creating excitement around your listing.

For Whissel, it is essential to establish a connection with the neighbors and to learn as much information about the neighborhood as possible.

“The more work you put in, the more you will get out of the listing,” says Whissel.

Whissel puts a whole plan in action, starting with sending out 250-500 invitations in the neighborhood letting people know there is going to be a new listing and they have an exclusive sneak peek at it before the house opens to the public.

The second step is to door-knock and make sure that the neighbors received the invite, and give them another one of they need it.

The third step is to follow up and call, text or email the neighbors. The point of this is to follow up and create a verbal connections.

“They have seen the invite in their mailbox, social feed and seen it in searches, so now we are reminding them that the open house is coming up,” says Whissel.

The fourth step is the exclusive open house on Friday night for a couple of hours. When Whissel does this, he makes sure to have a theme to the open house- whether it is wine and cheese or a food truck stops by, he wants to entice people to stop by. Whissel has a public open house by Saturday, and follows up with the neighbors by Sundays to answer any questions they may have about the listing.

Whissel reminds us that it is not always about selling the listing, but creating connections with the neighbors, because this can lead to other sales or referrals.

The point is to talk to these people and get them on the phone,” says Whissel. “Who do they know that is looking to make a move in the neighborhood or do they need help finding a new home?”


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