Generate More Than Just Likes

By Sarah Elfering

Prospecting. It can be challenging to achieve, but is necessary.

Your time is valuable, and creating custom audiences in Facebook can help make prospecting easier. Real Estate agents are reaching specific audiences on Facebook to maximize their ROI by prospecting qualified sellers, and Cole Realty Resource can help you!

Creating a custom audience on Facebook has two significant benefits:

  • Facebook locates your prospects’ profiles by email address or phone number and looks at your customers’ demographics.
  • Facebook uses those data points to look for people who have similar demographics to your customers.

This information gives you access to similar customers that will most likely buy from you. So how does Cole Realty Resource do this? We provide residence emails and phone numbers, so agents can specifically target Facebook profiles.

Here are the steps to create a custom audience by a specific subdivision:

  1. Log into Cole Realty Resource and create a list based on particular data selections.
  2. Copy and paste the emails and cell phones into your Facebook campaign.
  3. Target specific individuals with you “Just Sold in the Neighborhood” Facebook ad.

Watch this video to see how our customers are using Cole Realty Resource to grow their prospecting efforts: