Engaging a Neighborhood Without Cold Calling

Sounds too good to be true, right? Johnny Mo (John Moscillo) from Keller Williams had buyers looking in a specific neighborhood, but they weren’t ready to sell their house until they secured a house in their desired neighborhood. Johnny took matters into his own hands. With the help of Cole Realty Resource, he downloaded 500 homeowners in that area and got to work. Watch what methods Johnny used in order to close a double-sided transaction! 

Creating Excitement Around Open Houses

Will an Open House sell your listing? Probably not, but it can give you a reason to have meaningful conversations with neighbors who might want to sell in the near future. In this webinar, Tyler Steenken (Cole Realty Resource) sits down with Kyle Whissel (Whissel Realty Group) to discuss how he uses circle prospecting to create excitement around listings and drive hundreds of neighbors to an Open House. Want more information? Call 800-291-5965!