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Hustle Harder or Happier to Grow Your Insurance Business?

Why did you first get into insurance?

Really think about it for a second. 


Hopefully on some level you’re in insurance to help people plan for and work through everything from mishaps to catastrophes. But you also wanted to do well while doing good, didn’t you?


Times are tough right now though. Consumers are turning more and more from traditional agencies to online quotes. Keeping your business profitable takes up every moment you can possibly devote to it.


What do those long hours at the office mean for the life you really want to be living? And do long hours translate into the productivity you’re really after? What if there’s a better way?


Imagine you had one whole day where you got to choose exactly what you would do.


How would you spend it? Most of us wouldn’t say “working more,” regardless of our job. 


Whether it’s hiking, driving around the country in your dream car, a baseball game with the family, or dinner with friends, those moments that you would spend more time on if you could are really why you’re in insurance. Your work should fund your dream days, not steal them from you.


According to Forbes, happiness accounts for up to 20% more productivity.  Letting life’s best moments slip by only serves to make you feel guilty, and feeling bad is bad for business. As counterintuitive as it seems, skipping a late night at the office might be better for business than skipping movie night. Your personal fulfillment is important to your business success. 


If kept in balance, being happier at work leads to more personal fulfillment. It can become quite an enjoyable cycle.


Ending up in that cycle doesn’t happen by accident. It takes planning and prioritizing. 


Start with one thing that makes you happier this week, and commit to not miss out on no matter what. Maybe it’s your daughter’s dance recital or getting a drink with an old friend. Then make plans for the next thing that brings you joy. Keep repeating this pattern, one thing at a time, until you find yourself noticeably happier and less stressed.


You’ll see the results of these changes in your productivity at the office!


To help you recalibrate, we created an easy-to-use Personal Evaluation inventory.  It takes about 15 minutes to complete and will help you identify steps to having a better year at work, in life, and in your community.


Download our Personal Evaluation here!


You can choose to work harder or happier, and only one of those is going to be more productive and profitable. Choose wisely.



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It only takes a few minutes to see how we can help you maximize your prospecting strategy!

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