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Growing Your Insurance Business Beyond Referrals

It’s time to go beyond your social circle.

Anyone who has ever started a business knows the feeling.  At first, you’re unknown, so you take to social media and social events and spread the word. Eventually, business trickles in, word of mouth spreads, and you have a steady stream of clients.


But what happens when that tide turns, when clients move or pass away, or when someone even closer in their social circle starts a competing agency? You can buy the just moved list and flood mailboxes with form letters.


Or, you can make it personal.


Here are three ways to use Cole X-Dates to be more personal with potential clients:


1. Your existing clients live on a street in a neighborhood or apartment building.  You know your clients, but you don’t necessarily know their neighbors – that is, until now.

With Cole X-Dates, you can map around existing clients and reach them with personalized phone calls, emails, and mail. Instead of sending a form letter, now you can communicate to the neighbors that a family of four on their street is paying 18% less than the national average on their homeowner’s insurance.



2. Reach out at the right time.



Since Cole X-Dates gives you policy expiration dates and interfaces with all the major auto-dialers and CRMs, you don’t have to worry about reaching someone a few weeks to late and having to wait another 11 months to try again.



Time your offer to about a month before their policy is about to expire and offer a free quote.



3. Own your backyard.



People tend to view switching insurance as a hassle, so even when they move across town, they will keep the same agent.  Assuming they don’t have to make any major claims, they won’t have to visit their agent’s office more than once per year.



Use X-Dates zip code look-up capability to introduce yourself to potential clients as the agent who is in their neighborhood and can be available when needed most.



Growing your book of business can seem daunting, but when you put Cole X-Dates to work for you, you open up whole neighborhoods and zip codes to the right conversations at the right time.



Let’s get to work making that circle bigger.


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It only takes a few minutes to see how we can help you maximize your prospecting strategy!

A man smiling at his computer

It only takes a few minutes to see how we can help you maximize your prospecting strategy!

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